Recruitment Agencies

What is recruitment? 

Recruitment is the process of enlisting new people in any field, be it in the armed forces or in an office. The human resource department of a company generally takes care of this process. The HR head needs to be extremely careful during this process to find out whether the individual or individuals he or she is planning to hire has the mental capability required for the job... whether he or she is focussed or not and can remember things, as this saves time during working. In such a scenario, they typically opt for psychometric testing of the individual or individuals they plan to hire. This test consists of displaying a series of numbers, alphabets, and colours one after the other on a screen to the person. Following this, the person conducting the test switches off the projector displaying the information, and asks the individual asked to recall the numbers, alphabets, and colours in the exact sequence they had seen it on the screen. This provides details of the information grasping of the individual as well as that of his memory's capability. 

What can help a business in the recruitment process?

Most businesses depend on a recruitment agency to screen the person they plan to hire and subject her or him to psychometric testing. As the agencies are well versed in conducting such tests on a regular basis, they can conduct it accurately and provide precise details of the person the company hired by them plans to recruit as well as whether she or he is suitable for the job.

Extra information about psychometric testing

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is an agency that checks the background of likely candidates to see whether they have any criminal background, as well as assess his abilities to confirm whether she or he is suitable for the job. As these agencies have a huge database of persons seeking to join a company, they can easily sort out a list of persons from their database who are ideal candidates for the job. Once they short down the list to a couple of persons, they subject them to psychometric testing to evaluate whether they are suitable for the job, and hand over the list of likely candidates to the company that hired them for the recruitment process.

Why do people use recruitment agencies?

People opt for these agencies as most of them do not have a human resource department in their company as well as do not have time to screen a huge number of likely candidates, appearing for the recruitment process, if the company releases an advertisement for an opening in their company. Apart from this, as the agency already has a list of persons suitable for the job, they can provide the person with details of likely candidates within a couple of hours.

What are the benefits of a recruitment agency?

Saving time and manpower, is the primary benefits of hiring such agencies. Apart from this, the psychometric testing specialists of such agencies can filter the list of candidates and provide a shortlist of ideal candidates to the person or company searching for an employee.